Sunday, June 26, 2011

States of Delight

Scholastic Storybook Treasures are without fail amongst our favorite DVDs....and the latest one we were fortunate enough to receive for review, The Scrambled States of America and More Stories by Laurie Keller, may just be my personal favorite to date.

Sarah, our in-house geography aficionado/expert, took a particular liking to this new title. Here, in her words, a review:
"I like all of the stories on this DVD, especially the two 'Scrambled States' stories and 'Do Unto Otters.' I also like 'Open Wide' a lot. My favorite state is Florida. No, my favorite state is actually Michigan in the first story, because she is a girl and she has the same voice as Sally Incisor. I also liked Mr. Rabbit and the bee in 'Do Unto Otters.' I really like the part where the rabbit was in the bathtub and the bathtub turned into a dinner table. Laurie Keller uses good colors and humor. On the side of the DVD case, South Dakota is riding a bike! This DVD gets an A+++++++++++++++++[continues repeating plusses for a few minutes]"

Mom's perspective:
"Truly, this is one of my very favorite DVDs. [Thanks, Scholastic!] Without realizing it heretofore, author/illustrator Laurie Keller's work has long been a facet of books I've repeatedly aloud to our kids. To my great pleasure, Ms. Keller has subtly weasel-ed in valuable facts not only on history, but kindness, gratitude and empathy. The added feature of an interview with Laurie Keller is a perfect inspiration for budding young authors.

As a mom largely opposed to non-stop video watching during roadcar travel ["Back when mom was little, we used to have to drive hours and hours, uphill both ways, and holding the CoolWhip container for my motion sick brother in the backseat..." ;) ], the fact that these books are true-to-the-published-original animated versions of justly lauded texts, makes this DVD beyond palatable road trip entertainment. Truth told, our two will likely want to watch it at our destination as well...with no complaints from me. My grade concurs with Sarah's, A+ !"

The lovely folk at Scholastic Storybook Treasures not only graciously allowed us a free copy in order to review this new release, they have given us TWO---count 'em TWO!---comparably high-caliber selections to giveaway to Twinfatuation's TwIn Reviews readers.

Readers with younger children will no doubt appreciate My First Scholastic Storybook Treasures ;

those with older kids may go for the aspirational The North Star and More Stories about Following Your Dreams.

Comment here with a favorite title you and your children would like to see animated, or an existing animated favorite, and be entered to win! [ will select a winner this coming Friday, July the may enter more than once, just be sure to cite different titles with each comment.]


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  1. I bet the Scrambled States of America is cute on video! A fun story!

    I love the story Pete's a Pizza for my students. It would be fun to see that in video. :-)