Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Mouse, The Monster and Me

As a mom of twin 9-year-olds, when given an opportunity (and a review copy!) to check out a text designed to help growing kids (ages 8-11) handle their responses to day-to-day challenges, I readily accepted!

Here, in Darren's words, a review:

"This book deserves 4.5 stars out of 5. Reading this book, I felt it was a good book if you had some issues with your feelings; and if you do now, you should read it. The book suggests that you might give up your 'mouse' ways of letting people control you, and giving up your 'monster' ways of controlling other people. You should be yourself...let things follow naturally. When you give up your 'monster' and 'mouse' ways, you can just be YOU---not a mean or pathetic kid."

*Important addendum: As She-Twin overheard Darren verbally giving his review, she said, "I need to read that book. Where is it?" There you go.

For more information on the author, Dr. Pat Palmer, or on this and other related resources to help your kids assess their feelings and behaviors...and modify as needed...visit Boulden Publishing's website.

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