Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tees for Two

When I received an email from Cindy Hoeppner, the founder/creator of MiteTees, introducing me to her products along with an extraordinarily kind request to consider a review; naturally, a peek to the website was in order. Whenever a line offers twin-specific items---as does MiteTees---they get an extra gold star for their inclusion in our book!

A cursory overview of the line seemed to reveal a "baby/toddler only" focus---with sizes topping out at 6T. Within a very short time, my "Do they come any larger?" query to the "Contact Us" link on-site was quicky fielded with an enthusiastic "We can do up to 8T!" response. With our disparately sized duo, this was good news indeed.

Within a very few days after asking Darren and Sarah which multiples-born message best suited their tastes, our gratis-for-our-review consideration* Mitetees arrived in the mail. The packaging was stand-out; a colorful crown adorned Darren's cellophane wrap, a bright flower on Sarah's.

In most instances wherein new articles of clothing are acquired, no matter how charming to my maternal eyes, the items invariably go to the drawer awaiting the Sarah-determined "right time" to wear. In contrast, when our Mitetees arrived, both He-Twin and She-Twin pulled off the shirts they had on, and the Mitetees became the garment du well as their PJ tops for that night!

[Point of clarification: Jam does NOT come with the Mitetees. Jelly face not included.]

Our reviews:
Mitetees' catchy slogans/motifs are printed on high-quality, very soft tee shirts. The old-school typewriter typeface printing complete with trademark appealed greatly to my retro taste sensibilities. This message in particular strikes a fun note for our family as my husband--the twins' Double Daddy--and I have long been involved in TV/Video/Advertising. Assured of the tees' quality, I can easily see us purchasing Mitetees for colleagues and friends in the business---twins or no. The ONLY drawback from my perspective is there is noticeable shrinkage after washing/drying...not unlike other cotton clothing. Select your sizes accordingly.
Mommy's grade for Mitetees: A

"My shirt feels a little bit rough, but I really like it."
Sarah's grade for Mitetees: A

Darren: "Mitetees are fun to wear because I think they are really soft. It's really, really cool and funny."
Darren's grade for Mitetees: A+

*When items are submitted free-of-charge for our review consideration, the providing company is notified prior to submission that Tw-In Reviews are always honest, and not always positive, nor is a review of any product guaranteed by virtue of product submission.