Saturday, June 20, 2009


Santa brought Sarah her single most-desired request: the oft-advertised Bendaroos.

Despite the negative reviews online, Santa---the consummate positive thinker---had faith, knowing the tenacity of Sarah's artistic commitment, if any child could make them work, she certainly could.

She's done wall drawings with them and decorated her drawer pulls with Bendaroo spirals. She even made me a sweet little swan.

[Overheard after dinner, after she's been laboring 45+ minutes to create her self-portrait in sculpture, using a styrofoam ball for her head and a Vitamin 10 bottle for her body.]

Sarah: "This Bendaroo stuff LIES! I've been working and working and they keep popping off. I love Bendaroos, but they just don't work."

Mommy: "Should we write a bad review? Give them a C...or worse?"

Sarah: "You should say that people should not waste their money on things that don't work like they say they Bendaroos. Also say that they look really fun on TV, but it's not like that in real life. I have to keep pressing and pressing them down...and they still pop off. See? One's popping off right now!"

Mommy: "If you had to give them a grade, what would you give them?"

Sarah: "An F or a D."

So ends our review: Purchase at your own risk.