Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diana's Bananas - Banana Babies

A snack-time conversation documented---a real review....

She-Twin (emphatically): "Diana's Bananas taste so good!"

Mom (genuinely curious): "What makes them so good?"

She-Twin (with authority): "They're chocolately and healthy at the same time."

Mom: "When do you think is the best time to eat them?"

She-Twin (responsibly): "Probably after dinner..."

He-Twin (with immediacy): "ANYTIME!"

Mom (again, curious): "Would you recommend them to friends?"

She-Twin: "Friends? Sure. I'd like to tell the whole universe."

Mom (always pushing): "To be honest, they are kind of expensive...."

She-Twin (responding with her mouth full): "Totally worth it."

Mom: "What should we do when we run out of the free samples Diana's Bananas gave us?"

She-Twin (with "duh!" written all over her face): "Find out who sells them here in town."

Mom (always with the pageant-style questions): "If you could get any message you wanted to the makers of Diana's Bananas, what would that message be?"

He-Twin: "Whatever you do, don't stop making the Banana Babies."

She-Twin: "I love you! Why don't you try making some with mini-M&M's or maybe try a vanilla coating, too?"

*Our abundant thanks to the incomparable Judy Faulkner Krause of Suite for introducing us to what will clearly be a long-term, much-loved snack choice for our twosome. And yes, we've already employed the store locator function on the Diana's Bananas website...

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