Saturday, May 9, 2009

Better Than a String Around My Finger...

...their initials around my neck.

Mommy: Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs sent me a Sarah and Darren-ized version of her "inspired necklace," Kisses & Hugs. The pictures on her site (and mine) hardly do the piece justice! I absolutely adore it.

Sarah: "It has lower-case letters."

Darren: "It has the best letter in the world...'D!'"

Mommy: Shortly after the twins' birth, I purchased an oval silver locket for myself. By its daily presence around my neck, no matter where I am, I'm reminded of my motherhood. Now, my locket has got some serious competition!

Since my Kisses and Hugs necklace arrived, I've removed it only for showering, for sleeping hours, and to take the photograph above! Sometimes the "s" is on top. Sometimes the "d" is on top. Sometimes the delicate little pearl droplet is on top and the kids need to move it to see whose initial is "dominant" at the moment! The little sterling ball chain suits the pendants perfectly and hangs at just the right length for most v-neck collars. As someone who likes to give personalized jewelry to friends and family, I can say without reservation I'll be shopping her designs for future gifts...and for myself!

Soooo...have you gotten yourself a little something for Mother's Day yet?

You haven't? Want to rationalize a little bit of indulgence? I've got a discount code to share for 10% off your order! Leave a comment below with your favorite item from the Lisa Leonard Designs site. I'll reciprocate by leaving a comment on your most recent blog post and will include the discount code. You're not a blogger? Email me your favorite piece using the "Comment" button above and I'll email you the code.

I've already set my sights on what I think I am going to order....


  1. I LOVE the family tree necklace!!!!! I wonder if she could do all of my kids (LOL)

  2. I love it!

    Debi, if you get one with all of your kids, I want to see a picture!

    I want one w/ my six!!